Obama’s Highest Paid ‘Protester’ Comes Clean, Admits How Much He Made

One of Barack Obama’s highest ranking paid protesters has had a crisis of conscience and decided to come clean about how much he was paid to wreak havoc on Trump rallies. Stanley Flats admits to being sent all around the country in 2016 to ‘incite violence’ wherever true Patriots were gathered to support their future president:

“I wasn’t just paid to go, I was given an annual salary. My checks came from a company called NOS Inc, which is run by Obama and Soros and the Deep State. After seeing the corruption I just can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. Trying to win an election is one thing but now they’rem paying people to start riots for no reason just to make it look like violence will happen until Trump is gone.”

Flats says his salary to “coordinate episodes of protest” was $125K per year. As regular Americans struggled to survive on Obama’s economy, he was paying one man more than half the families in America make just because he doesn’t like Trump.

Now that the truth is out, America will be able to judge for themselves whether or not Obama is worthy of having things like a Presidential Library and a pension. President Trump should stop both of those things and charge Obama with treason.

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