REPORT: Al Franken Resigned So Underage Victim Would Shut Up

Democrats are all perverts!

Liberals are praising Al Franken for resigning after people discovered he is a scumbag who likes to feel up and abuse women, but how much “integrity” can a man be said to have when the only reason he is stepping down is because the latest of his victims was 12 at the time of the attack?

According to Army Weekly published shortly after Franken announced his resignation:

Lisa Foiles says that she was assaulted by Franken at a USO show in Afghanistan. The former “All That” actress, who was 12 at the time, was among a small group from the show who were fortunate enough to entertain the troops — but she says that the once in a lifetime experience quickly “turned into a nightmare” when she encountered Franken.

She says she was “shocked” when the former comedian walked into her dressing room and told her he was “disappointed” she was fully clothed.

“That’s not something a 12-year-old girl wants to hear,” Foiles says. “That’s not something anyone wants to hear.”

Franken wished her good luck on the show, then “brushed his hand” along Foiles’ lower back, retracting it before it reached her posterior, she says.

The report says that Foiles had contacted Franken demanding his registration and threatening to go public and was clearly intended to be held back if he resigned (it references a “refusal to resign” and asks “what will it take” to get him to resign at the end) but seems to have been inadvertently published, as it was removed from the internet within 5 minutes.

We can’t see inside Franken’s head, but it seems like it’s a pretty scary place.

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