BREAKING: 3 Out Of 11 New Top-Secret Clinton Emails Were Classified ‘Eyes Only’

A new email dump from Judicial Watch shows that Hillary Clinton is definitely a liar, a murderer, and a threat to our country. Not only did she store eleven highly classified documents on her server, three of them were so top-secret they were labeled “eyes only.”

Judicial Watch is holding onto those three emails until they get a confirmation from the Department of Justice that the investigation will be re-opened. A trusted source close to Ladies of Liberty told us that one of those emails was a correspondence with the Premier Fallah of Iran, which would be on and of itself a violation of public law.

Just to doublecheck, we called the Office of the Fallah at the US Embassy in Monaco and confirmed that the same man who served in the position in 2006 is still there today. Clinton is, therefore…screwed.

President Trump has been reluctant to initiate a new Clinton investigation by his own order. Steve Bannon told bystanders at a Roy Moore Rally In Kingston last Wednesday that if he orders it, the liberals at MSNBC Politico’s White House Oversight Division would have turned it into a media circus, just like with the Maryanne Wilsmer “scandal.”

The DOJ has told Reuters and the BBC that the Wilsmer incident was the Clinton camp’s attempt to deflect attention from the email scandal, and that it simply hasn’t worked. Marcus Reyman, Director of Investigative Intelligence at the DOJ, released a statement through the Office of Information at the White House that they are fully aware of the ramifications of the three emails and the seriousness of the accusations that Clinton actually communicated with a sitting Fallah.

Let’s see them sweep this under the rug like they did when the last round came in proving that Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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