UPDATE: Details Emerging About Paul Ryan’s Secret Meeting With Chuck Schumer’s Wife

Why would a centrist RINO like Paul Ryan be meeting with the wife of the Senate Minority Leader in a secret, after-hours rendezvous that included pat downs and full security details? Your guess would have been as good as ours had we not received word from our friends at Daily World Update that the details were about to go public.

Our source says that according to White House Minister of Information Art Tubolls, it would appear that centrists on the left and right are planning to create a more perfect party. That’s funny. They’ll be left with a bunch of unemployed immigrants, illegal aliens and the dregs of society while Trump can move ahead as the Republican party for the next decade:

“The planning between members of the old-school ‘Republican’ party and the center-right Democrats has a singular purpose: to take this time to offer the American people an ‘anything but Trump’ solution to problems they are inventing that don’t really exist. The market is way up. Jobs look great. There’s a $4 trillion influx that will be great for jobs.

Those who spin this are truly evil naysayers. They should see their pastors.

Well…we’re here to tell you that 74 percent of all Americans who voted for Trump are still registered voters today and plan to back their candidate for a second and yes a third term. Democrats want to talk about abolishing the 2nd amendment and changing the 1st Amendment so only lies called ‘satire’ are protected. It’s time we did away with the 28th and let a great man stay in office until he dies.”

Polling among Trump supporters shows that they would absolutely approve of Donald Trump remaining in the Oval Office as long as possible. That’s the will of the people. Sending wives to meet with House Speakers is silly billy childish games.

Paul Ryan won’t matter until he makes his next failed Presidential run in 2024. Then he’ll only matter if 3/5ths of the states haven’t ratified the repeal of the two-term-limit rule in the Emphaticus clause. Otherwise, it’s Trump 2024.

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