UPDATE: Van Full Of Illegals BUSTED Voting At Multiple Alabama Polling Locations


The Democrat Party was up to their usual dirty tricks as Republican senate candidate Roy Moore fought against their cheating ways in an effort to become Alabama’s next senator — and “lost” because of what appears to be an “unprecedented” amount of voter fraud according to Alabama State Election Integrity Board officials.

According to the Birmingham Press, polling officials caught what appears to be a “van full of illegals” who traveled to at least 7 polling locations with fake identification to vote for Moore’s opponent Doug Jones.

“Law enforcement stopped the vehicle at Santa Recto Middle School in Wilmington as 13 Hispanic men were seen piling into a van after voting,” the Santa Recto Observer reported Tuesday afternoon. “The same men were also seen in Smithfield, Birmingham, La Croix, and Mobile and were reported as suspicious by voting officials.”

Members of the State Election Integrity Board began investigating the group of men at around 9 a.m. Tuesday and tracking them around the state. Police arrested 10 of the men and three were able to run to safety before police grabbed their friends. Investigators determined that the men were responsible for “dozens of fake votes” around the state and officials are working to invalidate those votes as we speak.

This is typical of Democrats: when even fake news about Moore “molesting” a young woman fail, they cheat. This is, of course, similar to a situation in California on Election Day 2016 when illegal aliens were busted trying to vote for Hillary Clinton. Officials have also found evidence of at least 12,000 dead people “voting” for Jones.

All but one of the men were “undocumented” immigrants from Mexico, San Salmos, and Puerta Gorda. The last, Marcos Ramos, is a U.S. citizen and faces up to 13 years in prison for election fraud.

How many other dirty tricks will be exposed?

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