Whoopi Goldberg’s Latest Anti-Trump Rant Was So Vile It Landed Her In Handcuffs

Liberal loser and laughable loudmouth, Whoopi Goldberg, was caught on tape saying something so vile about our President that it landed her in handcuffs this morning for nearly three hours. Just before the taping of The View, on a hot mic, Golberg talked about luring President Trump to a fake conference and “castrating him and feeding him his own hairy nuts.”

The cameras weren’t rolling but the sound booth was. The conversation was handed over to the authorities, per state law, and Goldberg was detained for questioning. After nearly three hours, she was released with the investigation still “pending.” Her lawyer showed up shortly before the interview ended.

You know what that means. Rather than tell the truth that she’s a filthy, lying liberal who would kill the President if given the chance, she went and lawyered up. Now she’ll make some deal with some liberal prosecutor and the whole thing will just go away.

This turned to be exactly the case, as a quick phone call has revealed that Whoopi Goldberg’s representatives are saying that this never happened at all:

“Well…it is labeled as fiction. Not that it matters.”

Nobody cares how The View is labeled. She should be held to the same journalistic standards we all adhere to. Whoopi Goldberg is a cancer on this country that needs to just go away.

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